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Adirondack Wildlife Studio Field Care Guide & Tips

A quality mount begins with proper field care. In order to assure that you are able to get the best quality mount, proper handling, and preparation of the animal is necessary. The following information and helpful tips are courtesy of McKenzie Taxidermy Supply.

Field Care Tips for Skinning Life-Size Game

Skinning Life-Size Big Game

This section covers the flat incision and the dorsal method; two of the major methods in skinning deer, elk, or bear.



Field Dressing Instructions

Field Dressing

This section includes details on the process of caping. It also instructs on how to keep the animal in prime condition after death.




Field Care Caping Instructions for a Shoulder Mount


Caping for a Shoulder Mount

This section gives several examples on preparing the trophy in order to mount at the shoulder. It also includes specific techniques for gutting and how to properly remove the animal from the woods causing minimal damage.





Field Care for Small Mammals, Birds, Fish and other Tips

Small Mammals, Birds, Fish, and Other Tips

This section includes several tips for various smaller trophy mounts. It also lists several federal laws and regulations that are relevant to the types of animals in question.